How Personal And Memory Care Can Benefit a Loved One

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How Personal And Memory Care Can Benefit a Loved One

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November 15, 2022 | Health | Lifestyle

Gloria Dei’s Pathways at Warrington provides its residents with the best balance of independence and care. The Pathways community is dedicated and designed to abide by resident dignity, privacy, and respect.

Personal and Memory Care Communities are becoming more popular among older adults and highly considered by their adult children.

Through community services, residents are given their own space to feel comfortable, and a sense of security in knowing their needs will be accounted for.

5 Benefits Provided by The Pathways at Warrington

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1. Make connections and build relationships

When living alone, especially if mobility and transportation tend to be an issue, isolation and loneliness may arise. Many studies link such feelings to declining health-related issues in older individuals, such as memory loss, obesity, diabetes, and general mishaps such as falls.

In an effort to reduce such risks, community residents can partake in daily socialization. The Pathways at Warrington provides its community with complete activity programs. This includes outings and entertainment.

 These opportunities decrease concerns related to sociability and isolation. Such engagement increases memory skills, reduces health risks, and decreases feelings of loneliness.

2. Maintain your nutritional health

Preparing meals can be a time-consuming task. Doing so can also become more complicated with age. Finding transportation to the store, providing payment, managing groceries, and taking the time to cook can be exhausting.

Gloria Dei’s Pathways at Warrington makes this concern a thing of the past. Three meal dining service is provided every day. The staff strives for residents to consume healthy and enjoyable options that accommodate different dietary needs. Residents can also enjoy a meal in a restaurant-style dining room.

3. Explore opportunity

Pathways residents are always welcome to partake in new things. The community offers an abundance of amenities to explore and embrace relaxation. The Personal and Memory Care facilities relieve their residents of stressful responsibilities, replacing them with more leeway to indulge in new hobbies and enjoy their new environment.

Beauty salons and barber shops are available onsite. Community rooms feature games, books, and internet access. These features promote socialization among residents. Visitors are also welcome to engage in community activities.

In addition to general healthcare services, residents also have access to therapy rooms to visit within the community as needed.

4. Prioritize your safety

With older adults being more susceptible to falls and other associated injuries, Gloria Dei provides 24/7 care administered by trained professionals, no matter the situation.

All residential rooms are equipped with barrier-free showers, handrails, and easily accessible emergency care buttons. Pathways Memory Care Community offers spacious lavatories that are designed to reach optimal safety. General areas such as community rooms also have similar features.

5. Medication management

Medication mistakes are another risk. Older adults may accidentally consume too much or too little of a given medication or miss their dosage entirely. Such an event could cause sickness or, in an extreme case, cause a trip to the emergency room.

For these reasons, communities prioritize medication management. Nurses establish a schedule listing their resident’s medication and when to distribute it.

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