How to Include Your Loved One in Memory Care During the Holidays

How to Include Your Loved One in Memory Care During the Holidays

December 15, 2023 | Health

How to Include Your Loved One in Memory Care During the Holidays

As the holiday season is upon us, it’s a time to gather with those we hold close to us. Whether you’re planning festive activities or planning your upcoming holiday visits, it’s important to consider your loved one in Memory Care.

Sometimes different conditions or personal feelings can cause participating in the holiday magic to be difficult for loved ones. With that said, there are plenty of ways to modify festive outings so that they can be involved in the seasonal cheer. Encourage them to participate in the fun not only will make for a memorable experience, but it can boost their morale and make them feel appreciated, 

There are plenty of opportunities for your loved one in Memory Care to enjoy the season. Take a look at the suggested activities that meet their needs and ensure they are a part of the holiday magic.

Decorate their space.

Taking the time to deck out your loved one’s room with holiday décor goes a long way. Studies have indicated that doing so improves mood and behaviors. Looking at lights, wreaths, and winter crafts can ignite their inner child. Handcrafting decoration is also a unique option that can is more personalized.

Putting up decorations is also an opportunity for togetherness. Dedicating time to spend together is one of the driving factors of healthy relationships. Decorating can also take your mind off things around you that may feel overwhelming. Staying busy doing enjoyable things won’t let overwhelming feelings interfere with this cheery time.

Carry on traditions.

The holidays are a time to keep traditions. There are all sorts of ways to carry on the customs passed on the customs from past years. As mentioned, you may notice changes in your loved one’s abilities. Keep in mind that you can adjust your traditions, so their needs are met and they’re able to have an enjoyable experience.

Revisiting favorite recipes is a common holiday go-to. Cooking or baking recipes that have been passed down for generations is a delicious activity that can bring back memories. Even if your loved one may not be up for the task, encourage them to recall some of their favorite holiday meals and the memories they made creating them.

Photographs last a lifetime. Taking holiday-themed pictures is another traditional activity people enjoy during this time of year. Dressing up in festive outfits or simply taking candid pictures as you and your loved one venture about is an easy way to make memories.

Watch a holiday film.

Gathering with your loved one to watch a holiday movie is another great way to bond and embrace relaxation. This is especially beneficial to those who may not be as physically active or have the energy to engage in other activities.

It is no secret that preparing for the holidays can often be stressful. Turning to this relaxation method is a nice break from the stress of preparation. Most holiday movies are centered around light-hearted stories. Exposure to this genre instills happiness and brings out a laugh or two. 

Activities beyond the community

For older adults who enjoy being active, bundling up and going for a walk to look at outdoor lights, among other things, is another way to include them in activities. Walking is beneficial for their physical health. 

If your loved one doesn’t prefer a stroll, consider driving instead. There are a handful of local places that offer a drive-through light show. 

The Pathways at Warrington also provides its residents with festive opportunities outside of the communities. Through our activity program, Pathways often sets up different outings for residents. Such activities may include seeing a holiday production at the movie theater or a play. 

Offer support

Engaging your loved one during the holiday season can be a healthy distraction. This time of year may be solemn for those missing a spouse, friend, or family member who has departed. Keeping their memory alive by reminiscing on their memories from past holidays can ease the burden. 

Participation can support your older adult’s health. When they are involved in activities, dopamine is released. Dopamine enhances movement and generates positive feelings. Serotonin can also be produced. Studies have shown that while also increasing happy emotions, it also benefits your metabolism and digestive system. 

Spending time with your loved one is a priceless gift. Visiting and participating shows that you are here to support them through the fun, no matter their state or condition. The Pathways at Warrington allows family and friends to check their residents out for visitation. Consider taking your loved one home or to the location where traditions came to be.

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