Memory Care


Discovering hope for the optimal quality of life, comfort, and security

Our Memory Care facility in The Pathways at Warrington provides state-of-the-art person-centered care to provide the very best quality of life based on the latest dementia care evidence and best practices. We strive every day to establish new and advanced standards of care for our residents living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

For those living with that diagnosis, finding a beacon of hope that offers true quality of life, comfort and security can seem unreachable. The Pathways at Warrington refuses to accept that notion and has created an environment at our facility that nurtures every aspect of care for our residents. We truly believe and commit ourselves to providing that shining light of hope for the optimal quality of life possible that our residents most certainly deserve.

Our Memory Care Facility offers East and West wings of 21 residences each. They are designed exclusively to comfort and nurture our residents while keeping them safe and secure.

You’re invited to come visit and see our remarkable community and to determine what the best quality of life possibilities can be for you or your loved one here at The Pathways at Warrington.

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Floor Plans

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  • 42 exclusive residences

  • All inclusive fee with no entrance fee,
    no application fee, and no community fee

  • Large, open, clutter-free environment with personal privacy

  • Custom designed residences for people living with dementia

  • Memory boxes outside each residence door designed by family members to welcome and cue each resident as they enter

  • Optimal room temperatures and morning sunlight exposure to promote healthy sleep patterns

  • State-of-the-art climate control systems monitored for each residence individually by our nurses for optimal comfort and health

  • Each residence features a large window and natural light

  • Each private residence features large bathrooms designed for optimal safety and resident cuing

  • Outdoor patio and gardens

  • All residences are designed for Resident Dignity, Privacy and Respect

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Our blog is a great resource to stay in the loop for all things Pathways! Not to mention, we’ll keep it updated with health and safety tips, as well as some of the latest research and treatments for dementia patients.

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