Simple New Year’s Resolutions for Residents and Their Loved Ones

Simple New Year’s Resolutions for Residents and Their Loved Ones

December 15, 2023 | Health

Simple New Year’s Resolutions for Residents and Their Loved Ones

Embracing the New Year is an exciting chance to embark on a fresh start, and creating resolutions adds a fun touch to welcoming what’s to come! No matter the individual and their needs, The Pathways at Warrington encourages all to create resolutions that promote their health and happiness for both residents and their loved ones.

While there is always an opportunity throughout the year to set goals for yourself and work towards achieving them, with the changing seasons and onset of a new calendar year, why not harness this renewal as the motivation you’ve been seeking?

Crafting New Year’s Resolutions comes with the wonderful opportunity to make them as personalized and special as you wish. If you’re uncertain about where to start, here are a few ideas to ignite your creativity in setting resolutions.

Keep in touch

Feeling connected is important for loved ones residing in a community. Especially when it comes to maintaining relationships with a loved one, dedicating time to staying in touch goes a long way.  

Though life can get hectic at times, make it a point to set aside time to connect with your loved one. The Pathways at Warrington always encourages family and friends to pay a visit, enjoy community activities, or simply relax in the company of their loved ones.

Things such as lack of transportation, health status, or residing far away can prevent opportunities for visitation. For those who can’t make a visit in person, phone calls and video chats can be just as much appreciated. Writing letters is another unique way to connect that can also be saved as a personal memento. Feel free to include pictures with your special message.

Participate in community activities

The New Year is the perfect time to get involved in something new or spend more time doing the things you already love. Participating in community events is not only a great way to stay active, but it is an opportunity to socialize and make new friends.

The Pathways Community offers different ways to meet the needs of all residents. From our exciting community outings to the onsite arranged activities, our residents can indulge in the fun, feel appreciated, and create lasting memories.

Participating in community activities can also benefit health and well-being. Residents may experience feelings of loneliness from time to time. This can cause a decline in memory capabilities, learning and problem-solving, and attention span, among other things.

Finding easy ways to participate in what Pathways offers can avoid such risks. Doing arts and crafts, spending time in the community room, or playing a simple game are relaxing ways to participate and improve your health.

Focus on acceptance

For loved ones and their caregivers, facing a health-related situation can sometimes be challenging. Especially after a diagnosis, the unknown can cause feelings of stress and anxiety. With that said, there is always a silver lining to be found when we learn to accept what life has presented us with.  

Sometimes we forget to take a step back and take a breath when life gets stressful. To reach acceptance, it’s essential for one to understand what they are going through as well as their loved ones. There are many resources to help guide you through this time. Start by reaching out to a health care provider. You can also review Understanding Dementia: Quick Tips to Handling Changes with Empathy.

Make it a goal this year to look for the positives in certain situations. Try and focus on what can be controlled instead of the alternative. Putting your loved one and their needs first is essential to ensuring they are comfortable and receiving the highest quality of care.

Support caregivers

It doesn’t hurt to inform or update a caregiver with important information about a loved one. In a respectful way, feel free to let them know their likes and dislikes, any current concerns, and other general preferences. Providing staff with up-to-date contact information is important for communication and emergencies.  

Caring for residents daily can sometimes be stressful. Thanking or sharing a token of appreciation for caregivers is a simple yet special way to make them feel supported and appreciated. Making a small gesture, such as writing a thank you card or verbally expressing appreciation, goes a long way.

If you and your loved one are thinking about transitioning to a community, the New Year is the perfect time to explore The Pathways at Warrington. We are here to provide top-of-the-line care that meets and supports the needs of all. To find out more information or schedule a tour click here.

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